Behind the scenes with the Barbados (Bajan) beauty Theodora Hinds, photograph by one of Jamaica’s top photographers. “She’s the humblest model I’ve ever worked with. Sometimes I even wonder to myself if she knows how truly gorgeous she is. Just maybe then, she would start acting cocky. From her face, skin tone to figure, I couldn’t find any flaws even if I had used a magnifying glass. Being that she was just a visitor, visiting from the Barbados to the island of Jamaica, I had asked her if she would pose with an Jamaican flag? “Yes! sure” was her reply in less than a nanosecond with a pleasant smile on her face. Thank u Theodore, I appreciate u for believing in my talent and investing ur time with me and my team. I anxiously look forward to working with u again in the near future. I had teamed up with another humble soul, creative fashion designer Yah-shirah Lindsay to help me dress up and direct the model. It was one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Melissa Williams and Dain Lewis was also by my side, assisting and capturing the behind the scenes for when we become famous. Thanks a lot guys, we on our way to glory.” said Antoine Chung. View on Instagram