Antoine Chung's Biography

Think Different!

Antoine Andrew Chung is currently a second year student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, studying Communication Arts and Technology. Over the year, he has received multiple awards for: Visual Arts, Sports and Science. As a well rounded, talented and artistic individual, he is very passionate about graphic designing, photography, as well as composing and singing songs. His enthusiasm and optimism towards individual and group assessment undergoes the fundamentals of work ethics and professionalism both inside and outside of class.

As an upcoming and ambitious photographer, he takes great pride in his work. His objective in life is to maximize the quality of the work being done through hard work and dedication. As said by the young photographer, “it is not about the quantity of the work being accomplished , but the quality of the job and the effect it has on its customers”. His philosophy towards achieving his goals are to raise the standards of any brand he comes in contact with, giving it the effect that will only last for a lifetime. He believes that with hard work and dedication their is no need or place for mediocrity.

The young visionaries believes that all this and more can be achieved with great focus, and capacity to use critical and inferential thinking along with problem solving strategies. His ability to work under pressure is very commendable as he not only has excellent time management skills but exudes positivity and control over his environment and the work being done. Mr. Chung’s vision as a humanitarian is to make a difference in society by impacting the life of students, his peers and his country men by helping others to reach their goals while changing the views of society through his lenses. Apart from his appearance he is a very sociable and humorous individual with a personality that oozes with exuberance.

This particular young man can easily adapt to any environment that he is placed in.

“I’m a deep thinker and very thoughtful person. I love technology fuse with art and I never go a day without trying to be productive. Not a workalcoholic tho, just have a mindset that the devil find work for idle hands.”

What began as doodling on the back of his books mutated into professional graphic artist and illustrator. He has work with some of the world’s most vaunted brands… Red Stripe, Nestle, Flow, Carib Cement, Red Bull, Sterling, Yellow Page, just to name a few. As apart of the Red Stripe’s Jamaica 50th TV advert, done by Prism Communications, ranked as one of the ‘Best Ads’ on the international advertising website

Antoine Chung (Toiung), is a graphic, web and logo designer by profession but well rounding in the multimedia area. Although this is a full time job, he still managed to do freelance design on the side during this time — commitment or addiction, who is to know?. He’s a positive role model and a team player. Failure is not an option. He only has one plan, plan A and it is to WIN.