Logo Design

I am driven to create brands that are both brilliant and beautiful. I am completely dedicated to drive a project forward and ensure that the brands I work with reach their absolute potential. I will create a logo that suits your needs and if you want, you can add a complete stationery and a whole new look to your social profiles. You can also add a brand guidelines book so you will always be able to share your brand rules to any other designer(s). Behind every project I deliver there is an idea, not just beauty end in itself. So please do not ask for fast projects or just a nice logo. The idea is at the base for a long life successful brand. For any clarifications about the project please contact me and we will find a perfect deal.


Packaging is used to contain, protect, transport, dispense, store, detect and distinguish a product on the market.

Packaging Design is a creative business that combines shape, structure, materials, colors, images, typography and accessories design elements with product information to create a product suitable for marketing. Packaging Design addresses marketing goals by clearly identifying the personality or function of a consumer product. Please message me before order so we can talk about your project and understand what is the best way to do it. I will design only the graphics for your pack so be sure you already have the plain pack.

Flyer/Poster Design

Do you want to take your brand to the next level?  This Gig is for you! I will design for you one (or more) advertising poster. You just need a poster for your personal party? No problem, choose the basic pack! Please before order share the idea with me so we can talk about it. We will be able to define the best size, style (illustration or photography) and price. If the Poster/Flyer is for business I need to charge you the commercial use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logo Design: What does the stationery design include? Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and one more item of your choice!

What and how many socials pictures the kit includes? Any social you need (up to 4).

Will you give me the Source File? No, the Source File is not included. You can buy it as an extra.

Packaging: Do I need to have a brand identity to apply on the pack? Yes, if you don’t have it I can do I for you.

Do you also design the pack itself? No, I design the graphics for the pack. You need to provide me the plain pack.

Which are the limits? There are no limits, if you can think it I can do it! Just be sure to talk with a printer that can provide you the plain pack and all the specifications for the print-ready file.

Poster/Flyer Design: With the basic pack can I use the poster for a commercial use? No the basic price is for a personal use poster. The commercial use is comprised in the standard and premium packs.

The visual of the poster will be photographic or illustrated? You can choose, but if you want an illustration you have to add it as an extra.