The Experience

While quality photos and price are very much important, equally so, is the experience. It is always my pleasure to work with you, I enjoy serving and I also love what I do. Before I take on any project, I usually have an in-person meeting or an over the phone conversation with my client, just to have a clear picture of what they’re looking for and if I’m right for the job. We mainly discuss themes, locations, and dates in the first conversation. More information usually followed if we come to an agreement, typically in a second meeting.

Quality photos are a guarantee when working with me, I have over ten years of experience under my belt and has won numerous visual competition which builds up my accolade. My keen attention to details and unique eye has set me apart from the pack. “Think Different” is my motto and way of life. Photos that speaks more than a thousand words will always be a product from me.

The prices for my services are reasonable and affordable because of my understanding of people needs for quality services on a budget. Lowly priced packages do not mean low-quality services or photos. All packages will give you the “Antoine Chung’s” effect, that’s an experience of a lifetime, photos that will knock your socks off at WOW prices.

Single Package

Couples Package

Groups Package

Weddings Package

Getting Married?

Congratulations on your impending nuptials! Thank you for choosing Antoine Chung as your Photographer to capture this profound and memorable moment in your life. Antoine Chung is an award-winning Photographer with over ten years of experience under his belt. He aims to give you great quality pictures that will captures moments that will be cherished for the rest of your lives. This is a job he takes with great responsibility. Best of luck to you and your significant other! We can’t wait to see you on your big day!